Balancing Acts is produced by Stage Left Productions. Stage Left is Canada's leading contributor to the global disability arts ecology. After producing ten disability arts festivals in eight years in two different cities, representing a total investment of more than $750,000 on the presentation of more than 1,500 community, emerging and established professional disabled artists Balancing Acts became the longest-running event of its kind in the world.

But, Stage Left is now putting Balancing Acts to bed. We are proud of what we have accomplished and are certainly continuing our disability arts practice, but we are now connecting it to work we are doing in other culturally-specific artistic ecologies. In this, we are developing new production and presenting models that make room for socially-engaged art that speaks to more than the disabled identity, including Queer Art, Radical Feminist art, Aboriginal and other culturally-specific art, as well as other socially-engaged artistic practices. Our new presenting model will kick-in starting in 2011/ 2012.

In the meantime, we are archiving our work as Canada’s leading contributors to the global disability arts and culture ecology on this site.

Stage Left Productions thanks all of Balancing Acts' artistic, community, and funding partners for their terrific and heartfelt support over the years, especially One Yellow Rabbit, In-Definite Arts, Autism Aspergers Friendship Society, Studio C, OBAD, the Canada Council for the Arts, Calgary Arts Development, and the Alberta Foundation for the Arts.