The Actorvists: Same Difference
People who always have to be right. People who label others and are rude and interrupt.  People who treat others badly because we’re different. People who know how things could change, but don’t do anything to actually make change happen...

These are some of the concerns of The Actorvists – a company of emerging disabled artists who are making their professional premiere at Balancing Acts8. Same Difference is an interdisciplinary, original performance that was created and is performed by the company members, with support from Stage Left Productions. Watch as they guide us through a dynamic collage of their individual thoughts, experiences, worries, and pride as they collectively ask:  Does history always have to repeat itself or can the world ever be a better place?

Presented as part of Bold. Brash. Beautiful:  The Balancing Acts Commissioning Project.

Please note that Same Difference has some coarse language and graphic images.

December 4
December 6

Talk-back with The Actorvists
December 4

Big Secret Theatre

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