Meg Torwl, Vancouver
That's So Gay!
Multidisciplinary Spoken Word Performance

Meg Torwl works in 5 artistic disciplines, has 5 disabilities, belongs to 5 communities:  women, disabled, queer, androgynous, abuse survivors. She invokes humor in this multimedia exploration of some of the 125 different characters she could be on any given day, using her Identity Quotients Calculator. From her childhood as an alien, to where diversity policy hits reality in the workplace, to a close encounter with a purple star fish. ‘That’s so gay’ considers the many ways people are defined as ‘other’ and the search for solidarity across lines of gender, sexuality, race, disability; and species! It's about being the only one, not being the only one, times when you wish someone would drop from the sky and help you in the fight against oppression - sometimes they do! This spoken word show combines live audio, video, slides, with extraterrestrial sounds and sightings.

Presented as part of The Balancing Acts Commissioning Project.

December 4
December 5

Big Secret Theatre

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