Leroy Franklin Moore Jr. and Todd Herman, Berkeley, California
Forbidden Acts

Sexual content and adult themes.

Confrontative, meditative, and sensuous, Forbidden Acts, a film by Todd Herman, showcases three poems by black disabled advocate and writer Leroy Moore. Herman’s provocative imagery seamlessly intertwines with Moore’s explicit poetry and takes a head-on look at issues of body image, sexuality and disability – relative to politics, medicine, and race. With naked honesty, Herman and Moore combine advocacy, social critique, visual poetry, and spoken word while subtly addressing many of the stereotypes prevalent in disability imagery. Forbidden Acts is an engaging glimpse into Moore's exploration of his own sexuality and the limits that social institutions attempt to impose upon its expression. It is a potent film that ultimately sees beyond the barriers between disability and sexuality, and opens new doors for the expression of sexual desires and frustrations among our disabled brothers and sisters.

December 4