Ruth Bieber: To See or Not To See
Join playwright Ruth Bieber on her soul searching journey as she discovers the truth about her life. After over 40 years of legal blindness, Ruth is introduced to the possibility of having her sight restored, with the aid of a local shaman. From the perspective of conventional wisdom, the suggestion is obvious “of course Ruth should have her sight restored”. Ruth, together with a shaman who becomes her teacher, share a mutual reluctance coming from a place of unconventional wisdom. The shaman recommends a vision quest to aid in the process of decision making.

The play essentially is the vision quest, and takes Ruth (and the audience) systematically back to the time, when in elementary school, she suddenly and mysteriously loses her sight. But there is more. The play digs deep into salient highlights of the playwright’s life and beyond. From the peaks of the Peruvian Andes to her life on the farm as a child, we reach the pivotal moment. What does she choose?

Presented as part of Bold. Brash. Beautiful:  The Balancing Acts Commissioning Project.

December 5

Big Secret Theatre

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