Stage Left Productions, Calgary
Improving Alberta's Handicap
Digital Portraits

Stage Left is thrilled to announce a two-year long arts-based program called Improving Alberta’s Handicap. This program addresses the impact of personal and social barriers on disabled Albertans’ ability to fully participate in society. It does so by addressing the core causes of inequality for disabled people: ignorance, prejudice, and discrimination as the key elements that make up social stigma. The goal of the program is to use performance media to promote equality and foster systemic change by enabling disabled people, and especially their service providers, to reduce discrimination toward the disabled on both individual and institutional levels.

Several Digital Portraits from Improving Alberta’s Handicap are part of Balancing Acts9 Opening Night Celebration (December 3):

Speak (out) Against Social Stigma!
It’s time for “mental health consumers” to speak out against the stereotypes, the senselessness, and the stigma.

Leaders in Disablism
Two emerging disabled artists use film to challenge disablism:  Discriminatory, oppressive, or abusive behavior arising from the belief that disabled people are inferior to others.

Disability Youth Action Group
Youth with Autism and Aspergers engage in arts-based self-advocacy.

Improving Alberta's Handicap
A critical look at Stage Left’s arts-based community engagement model in action.

December 2: Leaders in Disablism, Disability Youth Action Group, Improving Alberta's Handicap

December 3: Speak (out) Against Social Stigma, Improving Alberta's Handicap, Leaders in Disablism

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