Transitions: The REAL End of the Spectrum
Stage Left Productions, the Producers of Balancing Acts, has partnered with the Autism & Aspergers Friendship Society to offer a unique arts-based community development program for disabled youth who are transitioning from dependent child to independent adult. Transitions is an arts program through which disabled youth learn to use performance media to speak for themselves, to address concerns in their lives, and to advocate for their rights as members of the disability community and the community-at-large.

In The REAL End of the Spectrum, eight young people speak out against a recent CBC Radio Program (The Dark End of the Spectrum) that portrayed autism as a “medical oddity”, and those affected by it as “uninterested, even unreachable people” who need to be cured, before “the darkest secrets of our genes” wreak more havoc in society. The youth in Transitions have other ideas about autism, and they should know – because they live with it on a daily basis. Come hear what they have to say, and why!

December 4

Talk-back with Transitions
December 4

Big Secret Theatre

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