Unsung Heroes: Hearing [our] Voices
In this dramatic reading, a group of people diagnosed with schizophrenia present the results of a participatory action research project on housing for people with schizophrenia that we carried out. We initiated the project, designed the research, and carried out interviews and focus groups with others like ourselves who have been diagnosed with schizophrenia and have experienced housing instability. We are now disseminating the results of the project. The main theme of the project is the tension between care and control in our relationships with our housing and medical service providers. People who care for us want to help us, but they also have authority and power over us. A relationship intended to be positive, enabling and empowering is at the same time controlling and disempowering. We have some recommendations for service providers that we hope will help them to care for us without controlling us. 

The presenters are all members of the Unsung Heroes Peer Support group for people with schizophrenia at the Schizophrenia Society of Alberta, Calgary Chapter.

December 3

Talk-back with Unsung Heroes
December 3

Big Secret Theatre

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